Archives of the Bavarian State

The Archives of the Bavarian State (Germany) have preserved records (e.g. charters, files, maps) generated by the government respectively administration of Bavaria and its predecessors since the introduction of writing (the oldest charter dates from 777).

The administration uses Bareos to backup Windows based desktop clients as well as Linux based archive servers that host numerous high resolution scanned historical documents.


"Using Bareos, we could implement an integrated and fully automatic backup-concept, which covers numerous sources with completely different requirements to retention times and backup-cycles. The regional Bareos partner provided us advice and support in this matter. With their help we could set up the system very flexibly, so that it is possible at any time to extend the configuration and document all settings automatically. Thanks to our Bareos subscription and support we feel up to future challenges."


Dr. Michael Puchta

Senior Archives Councillor, Directorate General of the Bavarian State Archives


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The German cardtech Card & POS Service GmbH offers credit- and debitcard payment solutions to SMB customers as well as large enterprises.

cardtech uses Bareos to backup a 3-digit number of Linux and Windows servers in their datacenters. Please read the full story here as pdf.


Cartika, based in Toronto, offers services ranging from pure IaaS cloud to fully managed Virtual or Dedicated Servers since 1999. Andrew Rouchotas (CEO): “Utilizing Clusterlogics, a platform built on top of the Bareos based backup solutions, Cartika is able to provide seamless backup and recovery self service management to our customers. Bareos provides a stable, reliable and efficient backup and recovery platform for practically any environment. Cartika also offers a Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform, for customers to backup any of their infrastructure, anywhere - either to their own storage devices or to the cloud. All of these services are offered on top of the Bareos platform and backed by Bareos subscription services.”

Lab Logistics Group

The Lab Logistic Group (LLG) is the center of a unique cooperative of 28 successful local and privatly owned laboratory dealers in Europe.

LLG backups data from Windows- and Linux servers with Bareos. They also use the MS-SQL plugin to backup their databases. With the MS SQL plugin LLG can perform a point-in-time recovery of their databases.

Please read the full story as pdf.