YES certified for Suse Linux Enterprise Server

Bareos has been certified according to the Suse YES standard for the Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and is now listed in the official Suse Linux Enterprise Software Catalog.

We process comprehensive tests for each supported distribution, starting with regression tests for every single feature item and finishing with complete integration for each distribution. Taking SLES as an example: we have an automated process which starts a pristine virtual machine with SLES for every build, then installs the Bareos packages just as an administrator would do. Following the installation, we then check if backup and restore jobs run.

This way we ensure that all delivered packages really run on Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

Certified for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux

Bareos certifies that each release of Bareos Backup software has been quality assured for RHEL 5 , RHEL 6 and RHEL 7. The packages are built in a distribution specific environment. For each version we start a virtual RHEL machine, install packages on a minimal RHEL installation and test Bareos' features.

Bareos is listed in the official RHEL product catalog.

Univention App Center / UCS Bareos Appliance

Univention is the most important producer of Open Source complete solutions, the Debian based enterprise Linux distribution Univention Corporate Server (UCS), identity and infrastructure management systems and groupware and desktop solutions in the German-speaking world.

Bareos can be installed on UCS systems with just one click, using the Univention App Center. Once installed, it fits into the Univention Management Console (UMC), meaning that you can include every managed client into the Bareos server configuration.

There are also ready to use appliances with Bareos on UCS available in the App Center for VMware, VirtualBox and KVM.

Technology Partnership with the uib GmbH

The uib GmbH was founded in 1995 in the city of Mainz with a focus on IT service management (ITSM). In the course of its work as a system manager in the service sector the uib GmbH developed the open-source-client-management-system opsi (Open PC-Server Integration), which is the core product of the company. opsi meets all the important requirements of a client management system:

  • Software distribution
  • OS installation (Windows and Linux)
  • Inventory

As the developer of opsi the uib GmbH offers professional support and maintenance for its product. opsi is used across sectors wherever Windows- or Linux-clients are to be managed – ranging from a douzen to thousands of clients.


In the course of the technology partnership between Bareos and the uib GmbH an intensive exchange takes place to bring together client-/configuration management and backup. Customers of Bareos and opsi thus benefit from optimized interfaces, scripts and packages, which have been and are being developed throughout the longstanding cooperation of the two companies. Bareos is available for download as an opsi-package.

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