Upgrading from Bareos 12 to 13.

Upgrading Bareos from 12.4.x to 13.2.x is very easy, as the database scheme was not altered. Thus the upgrade to the new version is very similar to installing version 13.2.x anew.


As always, we recommend to do a manual backup of your configuration files (/etc/bareos)  and of your bareos database before upgrading just in case something should go wrong with the update.


You need to upgrade Director and Storage Daemon at the same time. The Filedaemons do not need to be upgraded directly, as the 12.4.x Filedaemons still can be used with Director and Storage Daemons of Version 13.


For upgrading, you should remove the old repository from your package manager and add the new repository according to your distribution. As we have introduced the "latest" link in our repository, you will not need to do that change in future updates.

For how to add the repos to your distribution, please refer to this document.


After you have replaced the old repository with the new one, you can just call the update mechanism of your distribution to upgrade to the new version. Afterwards, do not forget to restart all bareos daemons that are installed on your machine.


For further information on the update process, please refer to the bareos documentation

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