Bareos Trainings

We organize Bareos / Bacula trainings in German together with our training partners dass IT (Cologne, Germany) and Heinlein Akademie (Berlin, Germany).

The trainings are conducted by trainers who have several years of experience in Bacula / Bareos trainings. Meanwhile the offerings and training documents have been complemented with Bareos specific topics.


Inhouse Trainings

On request we organize inhouse trainings at your site. This will primarily be suitable if multiple participants are to be trained. Please use our contact form.


English and French Language Trainings and Trainings in foreign Countries

Wie offer the Bareos training program in English also. On request we can provide you an offer for executing trainings at any location worldwide. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our francophone partner ioda-net provides official Bareos trainings in French language.


Become a Training Partner

Are you interested in offering Bareos trainings yourself? The german-speaking territory is mostly covered, but we are looking for training partners in other countries. If you are interested please contact us via our partner contact form.



Bareos Training Level I

Level I aims at Bareos starters with basic Linux system administrators' knowledge. Contents for this 3-days course are:

  • Bareos introduction

  • Bareos installation with packages and managing updates

  • Introduction into backup and restore processes

  • Backup-Scheme and Strategie

  • Volume Management I Backup2Disk

  • Bareos-Tools/Utilities

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Troubleshooting

Bareos Training Level II

This advanced 2-days course assumes a knowledge base equivalent to Bareos Level I training and has the following topics:

  • Volume Management II Backup2Disk2Tape

  • Backup to tape

  • Autoloader/Tapelibaray usage for backups

  • Migration and replikation (Copy- and Migration-Jobs)

  • Virtuall Full Backup

  • Data Encryption

  • 2 hours Workshop regarding participants questions or issues