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Bareos-14.2.4 Maintenance Release published

We've published a new maintenance release 14.2.4 in our subscription repositories, the source code is as always available on GITHub.


This release contains several bugfix, including one major bugfix, relevant for those of you using backup to disk with autolabeling enabled.


Bug #437 can lead to loss of a 64k block of data, if all the following conditions are met:

  • backups are written to disk (tape backups are not affected)
  • autolabelling is enabled
  • a backup spans over multiple volumes
  • the additional volumes are newly created and labeled during the backup.

If existing volumes are used for backups spanning over multiple volumes, the problem does not occur. We recommend to update to the latest packages as soon as possible.

If an update is not possible immediately,

  • autolabeling should be disabled and
  • volumes should be labelled manually

until the update can be installed.

All related bugs in our bugtracker are accessible here:


Summary of fixes:

  • make Makefile more portable again
    • #423: Non-portable cp in
  • Don't trash dcr->rec while doing autolabeling.
    • #437: When storing on multiple volumes via File backend, a data
      block of 64k gets lost
  • Fix mssqlvdi plugin to interpret where argument correctly.
    • #425: Mssqlvdi always restores to file.
  • Enable NDMP level support for SM_TAPE backups.
    • #410: START BACKUP 'LEVEL' not provided, defaulting to LEVEL 0'
      after launching differential backup
  • Use argument_value not argument in bpipe config parser.
    • #422: bpipe plugin: Error closing stream for pseudo file file:
  • Fix use of wrong variable for WeekOfMonth check in next hour.
    • wom ==> nh_wom
      #424: Scheduling select wrong run line in schedule.

Please refer to the documentation:

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