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Bareos 12.4.4 released

The new Version 12.4.4 introduces new console commands and many bugfixes.

Version 12.4.4 of Bareos was released today.

The following console commands were introduced or enhanced:

  • status scheduler gives an overview when a certain schedule will trigger and shows what overrides are used.
  • status subscriptions helps the administrator to keep track of the bareos subscriptions.
  • rerun has been enhanced to automatically rerun multiple failed jobs based on timeframe or JobID.
  • time command now also shows the weekday.

Details about the new commands and how to use them can be found in the documentation. (New console commands in 12.4.4).

Details about the fixed bugs can be found in the bareos bugtracker.

The storage package has been split up, the tape support is now contained in the package bareos-storage-tape.

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