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Bareos 14.2.7 Maintenance Release published

A new maintenance release for the older Bareos-14.2 branch has been released.


Version 14.2.7 contains bugfixes and enhancements. Subscription customers find new packages in their repositories, the source code is as always available on GitHub


Severity: Minor

  • bareos-dir
    • Fixes pretty printing of Fileset options block
      • #591: config pretty-printer does not print filesets correctly
    • run command: fixes changing the pool when changing the backup level in interactive mode
      • #633: Interactive run doesn't update pool on level change
    • Ignore the Fileset option DriveType on non Windows systems
      • #644: Setting DriveType causes empty backups on Linux
    • Suppress already queued jobs for disabled schedules
      • #659: Suppress already queued jobs for disabled schedules
  • ndmp
    • Fixes cancel of NDMP jobs
      • #604: Cancel a NDMP Job causes the sd to crash
  • bpipe-fd plugin:
    • Only take stdout into account, ignore stderr (like earlier versions)
      • #632: fd-bpipe plugin merges stderr with stdout, which can result in corrupted backups
  • win32
    • Fix symlink and junction support
      • #575: charset problem in symlinks/junctions windows restore
      • #615: symlinks/junctions wrong target path on restore (wide chars)
    • Fixes quoting for bmail.exe in bareos-dir.conf
      • #581: Installer is setting up a wrong path to bmail.exe without quotes / bmail not called
    • Fix crash on restore of sparse files
      • #640: File daemon crashed after restoring sparse file on windows
  • win32 mssql plugin
    • Allow connecting to non default instance
      • #383: mssqldvi problem with connection to mssql not default instance
    • Fix backup/restore of incremental backups
      • #588: Incremental MSSQL backup fails when database name contains spaces

Important steps to consider are described in the release notes.
The release master ticket in our bug-tracker at

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