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Bareos 14.2 published

The new stable Bareos version 14.2 has been released. After almost 3 month of beta-testing it has reached the usual Bareos standard of quality and stability. The development team has implemented a lot of new features in the year passed since the last stable release.

Substantially improved is the Windows integration: the Bareos server components have been ported to Windows, VSS capabilities have been massively extended. The Windows Encrypted Filesystem is supported as well as the system's registry attribute NotToBackup. This attribute can be set arbitrary applications to exclude certain files - like temporary files - explicitly from the backup process.

Likewise new is the Python based plugin interface. It becomes easier to write application specific backup plugins, as well as connectors to monitoring or ticketsystems, using Python and the huge amount of available Python modules.

Backup to the cloud with Bareos: thanks to the native support for cloud storage technologies such as Ceph or Gluster, backups can be directly written into cloud backends - secure because of available transport and data encryption.

Under the hood another big code refactoring has been done, including cleanup of all high impact findings by the code analysis tool Coverity.

The Bareos project publishes the new stable release: source on GITHub and installation repositories for Windows and a wide range of Linux distributions (now also including RHEL7 and SLES 12) on

For professional users the company Bareos GmbH & Co. KG offers a subscription service with continuous updates of the Bareos packages, including quality assured maintenance and feature updates. On top of the subscription service the company offers support and consulting together with a broad partner network.

Right now the development team works on further improving the web-ui and developing the VMWare plugin to backup and restore virtual machines.

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