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Bareos-15.2.3 Maintenance Release published

A new maintenance release for the current major branch 15.2 has been released

Version 15.2.3 contains bugfixes and enhancements, subscription customers find new packages in their repositories, the source code is as always available on GiTHub.

This maintenance release consists mainly of bugfixes and some enhancements in the web frontend, e.g. the sorting of lines in tables by numerical values now works as expected. Packages for CEPH support are added to the Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) builds.

Especially for VMWare Plugin users the new feature to restore to VMDK image files is of importance.


Summary of new features:

  • VMWare plugin can now restore to VMDK file
  • Ceph support for SLES12 included
  • SLES12SP1 supported
  • Multiple gfapi and ceph enhancements
  • NDMP enhancements and bugfixes
  • Windows: multiple VSS Jobs can now run concurrently in one FD, installer fixes
  • bpipe: fix stderr/stdout problems
  • reload command enhancements (limitations eliminated)
  • label barcodes now can run without interaction

New features / bugfixes long list:

  • Ceph support for SLES12 included
  • SLES12 service pack 1 supported
  • VMWare plugin can now restore to VMDK file
  • Enhanced btape output
  • Log time format can be configured
  • Autochanger content in API mode 2 (JSON)
  • Config pretty printer enhancements
  • Synchronize job status with database more often
  • Label barcodes now can run without interaction
  • Multiple GFAPI and CEPH enhancements
  • Plugin parameter handling enhancements for python plugins
  • Fix bpipe stderr/stdout merging
  • When restoring, use commandline specified storage when given
  • Build system enhancements
  • NDMP:
    • Skip tree entries without attributes
    • Remove dumplevel from job command
    • Loop over multiple BSRs when restoring
    • Fix crash with more than 8 incrementals
    • Enable restore to different location
    • Enhancements to reference implementation to behave as expected
    • Support for Disk to Disk to Tape backups
    • Estimate command does not crash anymore
    • Cancel of NDMP Job do not crash anymore
  • Windows:
    • Multiple VSS Jobs can now run concurrently in one FD.
    • Installer fixes
    • MsSQL enhancements
    • Symlink and junction point enhancements
  • Webui:
    • Packaging enhancements
    • Support for clients with dots in name
    • Datatables refactoring and packaging enhancements
    • Version check for neeed director version

The master ticket in our bug-tracker for 15.2.3 is here:

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