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Bareos 16.2.5 maintenance release published

Version 16.2.5 contains bugfixes and enhancements,  subscription customers find new packages in their repositories, the source code is as always available on GiTHub.


The new action 'truncate on purge' directly deletes old backup volumes on disk storage, making it free for other purposes.

The package for the Web UI adds translations for Chinese, Italian and Spanish.


Some fixes were added regarding director crashes, Windows backups (VSS), soft-quota reset and API (bvfs) problems. The web UI can now handle file names containing special characters, hostnames starting with numbers, long logfiles and allows users to login from different desktops seamlessly.

Finally a critical bug was solved, that could cause problems while restoring large files using the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP).


The master ticket in our bug-tracker for 16.2.5 is available here:


We recommend to update every Bareos installation in production, especially those using NDMP.

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