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Bareos 16.2.6 (maintenance version) published

The new Bareos 16.2 maintenance version contains improvements and bugfixes. Subscription customers can find installation packages for Windows and all supported Linux distributions in their repositories. The source code is, as always, available on GitHub.


The improvements include the option to state a LAN address for storages, through which the backup clients can connect to the storage. For the first time, also, packages for Debian 9 and Univention Corporate Server 4.2 have been published.


The update also contains bugfixes in regard to the use of multiple storage daemons and problems with the parameters for the .bvfs command.


You can find the master ticket in our bug tracker for 16.2.6 here: Further details can also be found in the release notes.


We encourage all users running production environments to update their Bareos installations.

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