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Bareos 17.2.5 (Maintenance-Version) published

The new Bareos 17.2 maintenance version contains improvements and bugfixes. Subscription customers can find installation packages for Windows and all supported Linux distributions in their repositories. The source code is, as always, available on GitHub.


The update contains improvements and bugfixes mainly for the web UI, especially eleminating the problem with waiting times for the directory tree to show up.


Building the AIX 7.1 client packages required some adaptions but now client packages for this platform are also available. Another special fix was necessary to prevent the unwanted re-generation of passwords on Univention's enterprise Linux UCS.


Here are the full Release Notes:

  • Bareos File Daemon is ready for AIX
  • VMware Plugin is also provided for Debian 9
  • NDMP fixes
  • Virtual Backup fixes
  • bareos-storage-droplet: improvements
  • bareos-dbcheck improvements and fixes: with older versions it could happen, that it destroys structures required by .bvfs_* .
  • Ticket #850 fixes a bug on Univention Corporate Linux
    • fixes a problem of regenerating passwords when resyncing settings.
  • Ticket #890 .bvfs_update fix. Before there have been cases where it did not update the cache.
  • .bvfs_lsdirs make limit- and offset-option work correctly.
  • .bvfs_lsdirs show special directory (like @bpipe@/) on the same level as /.
  • Ticket #895 added description to the output of show filesets.
  • Bareos Webui: Restore Browser fixes
    • There was the possibility of an endless loop if the BVFS API delivers unexpected results. This has been fixed. See bugreports Ticket #887 and Ticket #893 for details.
    • Ticket #905 fixes a problem with file names containing quotes.
  • NDMP Block Size Dir Client changed type from positive-integer to Size32. This should not affect any configuration, but is more consistent with other block size configuration directives.

The master-ticket for this release can be found in our bug-tracker:

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