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Bareos 17.2.6 maintenance version published

The new Bareos 17.2 maintenance version contains improvements and bugfixes. Subscription customers can find installation packages for Windows and all supported Linux distributions in their repositories. The source code is, as always, available on GitHub.


With 17.2.6 we've added some new distributions to the build process:

  • Fedora 17 and 28
  • openSUSE 15
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Univention Corporate Server 4.3

Apart from the new distribution it is a maintenance and bugfix release. A director-crash after reloading with statistics collection enabled was fixed as well as predefined queries and a problem regarding file selection for restore.

You find more details in the release-ticket and release notes


Update to 17.2.7

As of July, 16th 2018 we've published 17.2.7 with additional bug-fixes:

  • bareos-storage-droplet: improve error handling on unavailable backend - ticket #902
  • bareos-storage-droplet: improve job status handling (terminate job after all data is written)
  • Windows: overwrite symbolic links on restore
  • prevent sporadic Storage Daemon (SD) crash when Collect Job Statistics is activated

You find more details in the release-ticket  and release notes

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