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Bareos 18.2 RC2

Second Release Candidate available

Not long now until the new Bareos version will be published. In the meantime we have released a second release candidate with some additional features. 18.2.4rc2 comes with a new network protocol that immediately uses TLS for all network connections. All Bareos daemons now support TLS-PSK, and all network traffic is now automatically TLS-PSK encrypted. Bareos remains downward compatible to older versions of the File Daemons – it detects the older client versions automatically and switches to the old protocol, if necessary. The new Bareos Director (and therefore the Web User Interface as well) now supports PAM authentication.


The bandwidth limitation now works with TLS-encrypted connections. We have also improved the Droplet library (for communication with S3 interfaces). bconsole now supports the new whoami command, and xattr and ACL support are now enabled by default. GnuTLS is no longer supported, Bareos 18.2.4rc2 uses OpenSSL instead.


New Documentation and FAQ

We have revised and reformatted the Bareos documentation. Instead of LaTeX it now uses the Sphinx framework. Since most of this was done by script, there is still room for improvement. The old documentation will stay online until the conversion is complete.


An update to the new Bareos version requires no changes to the existing configuration. While the Bareos Director >= 18.2 works fine with older File Daemons, an upgrade of the other components to the new version is mandatory. For more information have a look at the release notes and the new FAQ.


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