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Bareos sponsors Teckids e. V.

Teckids logoTeckids e. V. also provides free teaching material on their website and supports projects that develop Free Software for schools and other educational institutes. On top of that, the association offers an online platform for its members, organizes holiday and weekend camps as well as afternoon meetings for children and young people. There is a wide range of workshops: electronics, game programming, audio and video – something for everyone. Teckids also attends Free Software and Open Source events.

Teckids e. V. is mostly financed by donations and member fees. "We think the Teckids association is doing great work," says Jörg Steffens, one of the managing partners of Bareos GmbH & Co. KG. "It is important to teach the next generation how to use technology responsibly - Free and Open Source Software is a huge part of that."

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