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Bareos 13.2.2 stable released

Production proven with a lot of enhancements.

After more than 4 months public beta phase the 13.2 branch turns out to be very stable and is production proven. Public download is available here for the version 13.2.2: The project publishes all major releases. Subscription customers find the release and additional intermediate and bugfix releases in the subscription download repository.

Among the new features is the MS SQL Plugin, which allows to do full and incremental backups of MS SQL databases as well as point in time (pit) recovery of the database. PIT allows to recover the datbase to a certain state in time.

Another new useful feature is the support for passive clients which allows to backup clients from a DMZ with all communications being initiated from the internal network, no initiation is needed from the client into the internal net anymore.

Transparent migration- and copy jobs are now possible with communication from one storage daemon (SD) to another. With this SD to SD communcation backup administrators can replicate their existing backups from one server to another at any other location. Bareos takes care and nows where you backups are. This concept combined with transport and data encryption is suitable for a backup-to-disk-to-cloud scenario.

Read more about the usage of new features in this howo to.

Maintenance release 12.4.6 available for subscription customers

We've also released a maintenance release for subscription customers, who want to stay on the 12.4 branch. We've backported bugfixes into this release. Please read the changelog for more technical details.


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