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Bareos is Gold Sponsor of the Open Source Backup Conference

Open Source Backup Conference takes in place in Cologne, September 25th 2013

Bareos on Open Source Backup Conference

The "Open Source Backup Conference" (former: "Bacula Conference") takes place at Wednesday, September 25th 2013 in Cologne (Germany). The conference is about different Open Source backup solutions, especially Bareos and Bacula Community Edition.

This year, two tracks will be available for the first time. One track offers presentations and the other track offers live systems and room for discussions.

The presentations will show news about Open Source backup solutions.

The Bareos project will use this opportunity to explain why they forked from Bacula and what advantages are already available. Besides the support for all major Linux distributions and Windows,  there is support for passive clients, copy jobs between different storage servers, NDMP support and the MS-SQL plugin.

Marco van Wieringen and Philipp Storz (both are Bareos developers) will present different Bareos scenarios in the Hands-On area and will be available for questions.

The disaster recovery framework "Relax and Recover" will be presented by one of its authors, Gratien D'haese. Properly used, it provides a handy and easy to use solution to restore a Linux System from scratch in case of a system malfunction.

Backup Monitoring (using Check_MK and others) and Reporting (using Jasper Reports) will be presented, as well as different success stories from Bacula and Bareos environments.

Reports about using a large Disk-Backup System with a capacity of 3 Petabyte will supplement the Conference.

Information about how to register for the conference can be found at

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