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Maintenance Release 13.2.4 published

After spending a lot of development efforts in the new 14.2 release, we have now published a new maintenance release for the 13.2 series.

The source code is available on GITHub, tagged with 13.2.4. Ready to install binaries, extensively tested in our automatic qualitiy assurance system, are available for our subscription customers.


The maintenance release contains bugfixes as well as some backported new features:

  • Fixes #381: btape tests fail on blocksizes > 256k
  • Fixes #362: regression tests using the "weird files" are failing on
  • Fixes #349: Director crashes on estimate command of Copy Job
  • Fixes #356: BLOB/TEXT column 'EnvName' keylengt is missing mysql
  • Fixes #348: When using pool overrides a level change doesn't
  • Fixes #345: NDMP restore does not work
  • Fixes #329: Add some safeguards against running a Native Backup Job on
  • Fixes #338: bls always fails when scsicrypto-sd plugin is loaded
  • Fixes #318: copy jobs & cancel duplicates
  • Fixes #312: no elapsed time info in restore job
  • Fixes #311: Multiple "Exclude Dir Containing" Flags not honored
  • Fixes #303: Traymonitor does not close connections when login fails
  • Fixes #299: Error in Shadowing
  • Fixes #297: hardware encryption (LTO) not creating cachefile/hangs bconsole
  • Fixes #265: job hangs and cannot be terminated if spool file is not writable
  • Fixes #294: Error in bconsole-ACL
  • Fixes #293: Director segfaults doing update slots when all slots are empty
  • Fixes #288: Disable client in client configuration

There is also a new maintenance release for 14.2 available in the subscription repositories, containing a bugfix relevant for upgrades from 13.2 to 14.2.

If you have any questions, please contact your Bareos partner or sales.


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