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Maintenance Release 14.2.3 published

For the latest stable version 14.2 a new maintenance release 14.2.3 has been published today.

The source code is available on GITHub, tagged with 14.2.3. Ready to install binaries, extensively tested in our automatic qualitiy assurance system, are available for our subscription customers.


The maintenance release contains bugfixes:

  • Fixes #382: Don't remove supplemental groups on install.
  • Fixes #386: Add special SIGNAL to service unit (systemd) to support
  • Fixes #389: Windows installer asks for postgres settings while installing
  • Fixes #391: make get_database_version_by_release don't rely on a that contains information about all releases
  • Fixes #394: add git and configure information to the packages
  • Fixes #399: show job= does not work
  • Fixes #400: btape fill test fails
  • Fixes #405: rerun command shoud be able to accept jobid interval
  • Fixes #407: print_config_run() doesn't print months
  • Fixes #408: Director crashes on password encoding for NDMP storage.
  • Fixes #409: Console Shows Incorrect Schedule
  • Fixes #411: Unknown include/exclude option: c

If you have any questions, please contact your Bareos partner or sales.


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