Does the Bareos VMware Backup Plugin work on NFS datastore?

Currently, the Bareos VMware Backup Plugin does not work on NFS datastore. It will fail with an error message similar to

Fatal error: Traceback (most recent call last):
msg = u'Error caused by file /vmfs/volumes/6c0378da-9f01ff6c/VMName/VMName.vmdk'

The reason is that the Bareos VMware Backup Plugin uses the special "*" change ID to query CBT information, but as of it is required that the virtual disk is located on a VMFS volume, backed by SAN, iSCSI, or local disk.

If the above error occurs when using a VMFS datastore on SAN, iSCSI, or local disk, it usually means that the CBT information must be reset by using (included in the bareos-vmware-plugin package) with the --resetcbt option or by manually following the instructions in

Make sure to run a full level backup after resetting CBT, trying incremental will fail with a similar error in this case.

Last update on 2016-06-14 by Stephan Dühr.

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