In what order are bug-fixes, support requests and feature development handled?

The team (please compare: Differences between / has certain priorities for handling the development and support. Here is the order in which we usually work:

  1. Support cases for customers depending on their support level agreement (SLA)
    This can include fixing bugs as well, which the whole community benefits from.
  2. Funded development
    This usually includes improvements to Bareos that all Bareos users benefit from in form of new features in the next major release.
  3. Open bugs on
    Here we put the focus on bugfixes most Bareos users will benefit from. The more users are affected by a bug, the more importance it has, of course. Also it is much easier to fix bugs that are well documented. So before you file a bug, please make sure to read our guidelines for creating a bug report.
  4. Development of new features

As we have limited resources as every development team has, this of course means we cannot fix every bug (i.e. the less important ones) right away. We do, however, give our best to fix errors as soon as possible to improve the software at any time.

Last update on 2017-11-08 by Kristian Timme.

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