Why have you started a fork from bacula.org?

Marco van Wieringen has started his own fork around 2010 for a couple of reasons:

  • Bacula.org project leader ignored numerous patches, not only from Marco. Examples:
    • hardlink performance enhancements
    • capture error in bpipe error
    • allow open_mail_pipe to use extended jobcodes
    • ...
  • Bacula Enterprise was originally open source but became closed source in May 2012. Sources are not publicly available and AGPL code got mixed with proprietary code
  • New features were mainly included in the closed source software "Bacula Enterprise"
  • There were even features removed from Bacula Community and are now Enterprise only, e.g.
    • The bandwidth limitation code was submitted to the public Bacula GIT on 11/24/2010 and removed on 6/24/2011 with the comment "Implement RestoreObject for sqlite + cleanups"
  • "Bacula Enterprise" Software cannot be used after cancellation of subscription
  • No backports from Enterprise to community version happened.
  • Community activity seemed to decline overall

files/misc/agplv3_white_120x50.pngThe essence of Open Source is the possibility to fork and continue development in what ever direction - as long as you keep it Open Source.

That's what we did.

We explicitly encourage everyone to fork Bareos on github (or elsewhere). If we find derived work usefull and working, we will gladly include it into the Bareos master branch.

Last update on 2015-03-06 by Maik Außendorf.

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