Bareos is developed under the open-source AGPL v.3 license. What does this mean for you as a customer?


At first glance, there is no difference: Binary installation packages exist so that you can install the software on your systems without the need to deal with the source code. Thus for you it is not necessary at all to look into the source code.

But you or your employees or an external experienced developer could. And this is a key advantage: Theoretically it is always possible to adapt the software to be able to handle new hardware and nobody can restrict or even prohibit the usage of the software like it is possible with proprietary licensing models.


Open source here primarily implies independence and a safe investment. It also means the software is being continuously developed by an active community. For more information see the project site


The service provided by Bareos GmbH & Co. KG consists of supporting the project and assuring special quality of the packages provided for subscription customers. Through the services provided by our network of highly skilled partners it is possible to use Bareos in a professional way for companies, enterprises and organizations of any size.

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