Bareos (Backup Archiving Recovery Open Sourced) is a network based open source backup solution. It supports all well-established operating systems like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X are supported.


Bareos can backup to disk and tape drives as well as tape libraries. Besides common backup strategies like full, incremental and differential, Bareos additionally offers migrations, copies, virtual full backups and deduplication by base jobs. By using migrations, a backup into the cloud is possible.


Bareos supports compression and encryption both hardware-based (like on LTO tape drives) and software-based. The included self-backup ensures that Bareos rapidly becomes operational again after a case of disaster.

The whole software is open source and offers open interfaces so that it easily integrates into existing IT environments. Bareos supports IPv6, and thanks to the passive client feature, it can be easily integrated even into complex networks while complying with security guidelines (firewall policies).


You can get professional services and support from us and our partners as well as a subscription service that provides you access to special quality assured installation packages.


With Bareos you can combine the safety of an investition into a completely open sourced software with the operational reliability that a professional software producer offers with his partner network.