Mailing lists, ticketing system and bug tracker – join the project!

Have you found a problem? Would you like to see a new feature in the software? There are several ways to get in touch. Customers with a valid support contract can use our ticketing system, and everyone can use the bug tracker.

The Bareos project has two mailing lists, for users and for developers.


On the mailing list users discuss the operation of Bareos in small and large environments, ask questions and give answers.

Registration is done by email to:

You can read the list in a web browser of your choice:!forum/bareos-users 


Are you interested in the technical details and want to contribute to the Bareos code? Then the list is the right place. This is also where most of the Bareos developers join in.

The registration is done by email to:

You can read the list online in your preferred web browser:!forum/bareos-devel

How to report Bugs

If you have found a security issue in Bareos, please read this document on GitHub.

If something doesn’t work as expected or if you have suggestions for improvement (always welcome!), please check first if someone else has already reported the problem or proposed the idea. Please don’t just create feature requests or report bugs multiple times.

How to ensure that your report is not closed as duplicate or no change required:

  • Have a look at the Bareos manual and use the search function.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the software installed.
  • Post your problem or idea on the bareos-user mailing list (also accessible via web browser). The list has a search function and an archive that contains older posts.
  • Check the bug tracker to see if there is already an entry; please use the search function.
  • If someone else has already reported the bug, don’t create a new entry, but comment on the existing one – for example, with additional information or confirmation that you have the same problem.
  • Maybe the bug is already fixed? Take a look in the latest repository.

Creating a Bug Report

If you have followed all the above tips and you are sure that you have found a bug, please note the following things:

  • You want the problem you describe to be fixed.
  • The more detailed information you provide, the better the chances that we will be able to fix the problem quickly. Therefore, please take the time to create a meaningful bug report which contains all the information needed to reproduce the problem.
  • Please remain objective and friendly – it’s easier and more pleasant for our support team to respond to polite requests.
Maik Außendorf
Maik Außendorf

What to include in the Bug Report?

We need the following information, please:

  • It’s really important that we can reproduce the bug – it’s almost impossible to fix it otherwise.
  • Make sure that you can reproduce the bug even in the latest repository.
  • Try to keep the steps to reproduce it to a minimum.
  • Be very specific about the operating system you’re using, its version number and the Bareos version.
  • Include the configuration file(s) so that we can reproduce the bug.
  • List all the steps that led to the bug on your system.
  • Send the log files. Please send them as attachments and do not simply copy them into the web interface of the bug tracker.
  • Create trace files, e.g. with setdebug. On Windows, let the daemons write the trace files.
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