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We often receive inquiries from Bareos users about the availability of maintenance releases. Please note the following information about the release of packages:

  • Maintenance releases are always available as source code for everyone.
  • Ready-built packages (from a repository) are only available to subscription customers.

The Bareos project offers two different download areas: the community repository and the subscription repository. The community repository contains binary packages from each major release. Subscription/support customers also receive intermediate versions of the packages with updates and bug fixes from the subscription repository.

For a simple comparison of the two editions, please see the following table:

Community EditionBareos Subscription
Source codeAvailable on GitHub
Experimental PackagesNightly build
Initial major releaseCommunity repositorySubscription repository
Updates and bug fixes(Source code only)Subscription repository
Mailing listbareos-users
Basis3 incidents, service level: not guaranteed
Standard10 incidents, service level: 2 business days
Advanced20 incidents, service level: next business days
Premier50 incidents, service level: 4 h during business hours
GlobalUnlimited number of incidents, response time: 1 hour, 24/7
Bug tracker
New featuresJoin inCo-Funding
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