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We often receive inquiries from Bareos users about the availability of maintenance releases. Please note the following information about the release of packages:

  • Maintenance releases are always available as source code for everyone.
  • Ready-built packages (from a repository) are only available to subscription customers.

The Bareos project offers two different download areas: the community repository and the subscription repository. The community repository contains binary packages from each major release. Subscription/support customers also receive intermediate versions of the packages with updates and bug fixes from the subscription repository.

For a simple comparison of the two editions, please see the following table:

Community Edition Bareos Subscription
Source code Available on GitHub
Experimental Packages Nightly build
Initial major release Community repository Subscription repository
Updates and bug fixes (Source code only) Subscription repository
Mailing list bareos-users
Basis 3 incidents, service level: not guaranteed
Standard 10 incidents, service level: 2 business days
Advanced 20 incidents, service level: next business days
Premier 50 incidents, service level: 4 h during business hours
Global Unlimited number of incidents, response time: 1 hout, 24/7
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