You’re in Charge.

The Bareos project offers two different download areas: the community repository and the subscription repository. The former contains binary packages of the latest build of the current Bareos stable branch and is publicly accessible. Additionally subscription customers also get access to previous versions and major releases. The most current three major releases are maintained by Bareos. Please contact sales team for extended support requirements.

For a simple comparison of the two editions, please see the following table:

Community EditionBareos Subscription
Previous major releases(Source code only)Subscription repository
Current major releaseCommunity repositorySubscription repository
Development binaries
Mailing listbareos-users
Basis3 incidents, service level: not guaranteed
Standard10 incidents, service level: 2 business days
Advanced20 incidents, service level: next business days
Premier50 incidents, service level: 4 h during business hours
GlobalUnlimited number of incidents, response time: 1 hour, 24/7
Source codeGitHub
Issue tracker
New featuresJoin inCo-Funding

For more details, see Bareos Binary Release Policy.

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