Corporate Social Responsibility

Of course, we take responsibility for economic, environmental and social perspectives as well as staying profitable – that ensures the long-term existence of the company and our employees’ salaries. We also value the social benefits of our work. Bareos GmbH & Co. KG focuses on Open Source technologies and we develop solutions for digital sustainability.

Our strategy consists of three key objectives:

  1. Energy/Transport:
    • We use green electricity (100 %, certified by
    • We purchase energy-efficient hardware.
    • We offer season tickets (for public transport) to all employees – without deductions from their salaries.
    • Some of our employees cycle to work, and electric bikes and bikes supplied by the company may be used privately.
    • For business trips, we prefer the train and try to avoid going by car or plane.
    • If we really can’t avoid flying, we donate money to atmosfair.
  1. Social Issues/Community:
    • We encourage our employees to do voluntary work, so we offer flexible working hours.
  1. Work Environment:
    • We use recycled paper at the office.
    • We like coffee and drink a lot of it – but there is no need to buy coffee capsules. To reduce waste, we purchase coffee beans in large packs (organic and fair trade).

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