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Open Source Backup Software: Bareos


Our backup solution is licensed under the AGPLv3. You’re free to use and modify Bareos as you see fit, and, of course, you’re free to share the modifications with other people. Open Source software is future-proof: no one may prohibit or restrict the use of Bareos. It is independent and will certainly stay that way – your safe investment in the future.


Bareos stores its backups on hard disks, tape libraries or in the cloud. All Bareos services communicate with each other over the network, and authentication is TLS/SSL-encrypted ­– either via certificates or via pre-shared keys. Bareos encrypts the backups themselves (on the clients) as well as the communication between the individual computers.


Bareos is not just Free Software, it’s also combined with professional support from the manufacturer. Do you need help with creating an individual backup process for your environment? We offer support, training and we’ll maintain your Bareos installation if you want – in Germany and, thanks to our partners, in many locations all over the world.


Quality assurance: Bareos is certified for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as well as for SUSE Enterprise Storage and is listed in the official Partner Software Catalog. Our software is also certified for Redhat Enterprise Linux and listed in the official RHEL product catalog. Bareos can be found in the Univention App Center and can easily be integrated in UCS.

What’s new?

Github Issues replaces Mantis

The Bareos project will use GitHub Issues (instead of Mantis). As announced a few weeks ago, the Bareos project is changing its bug tracker and will use Github Issues in the future.As of now, can be …

Github Issues replaces Mantis

The Bareos project will use GitHub Issues (instead of Mantis). In 2012, the Bareos project was launched with a commitment to fostering close integration with the community and leveraging advanced automation services. However, a span of 10 …

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