Bareos Pricing

Customized to your needs.

There are no license fees for using the Bareos software.
We offer subscription, support and consulting as well as the development of new features for professional environments.


from €325 per year

Prices based on backup units (see our price list).

Creation and maintenance of packages for all major operating systems
Continuous maintenance of the software (bug fixes, new features)
Bareos Bare Metal Restore for Linux can be booked additionally.


from €1,080 per year

Depending on the number of incidents and the response time.

Prerequisite: valid Bareos subscription
Reporting via email or ticketing system
Analysis of incidents and troubleshooting


from €600 per year

Prices based on number of valid Bareos subscriptions.

Setup review by our support team
Training and other projects on request
Multilingual partner network across the world


from €1,000 per day

On request, please contact us.

Bespoke development
Implementation of new features
Joint financing of new features (see co-funding)

Hosting Partner

For Managed/Internet Service Providers (MSPs/ISPs) we offer a special partner program to provide you and your customers with maintained Bareos installations. Our support team and our developers are happy to assist you. The partner program also includes joint marketing activities. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Individual Quotation

You have a special request and would like to receive an individual quotation? Please contact our sales team or one of our partners – we’re happy to assist you and answer your questions.

Co-funding: Sponsor the Development of new Bareos Features

When developing Bareos, we have to set certain priorities for financial reasons. However, users often offer to sponsor certain new functions so that we can implement them earlier than planned.

However, these users are not always able or willing to finance the complete development effort. Since some Bareos features are often of interest to more than one customer, we offer co-funding as a way for several interested parties to jointly raise the financing.

In our co-funding program, you can participate in the sponsoring of already planned features as well as submit your own requests for new features. We then assess the cost requirements for the development, and once we have gathered enough resources to cover the costs, we implement the feature.

If you would like to help fund any of the above features or contribute a new feature yourself, please contact us.


The following sponsors have contributed to and supported Bareos development:

CompanyWebsiteSupported Project
Head Office of GBV (VZG)www.gbv.debareos-20: Removing bad tape drives from the scheduling at runtime; adjusting the configuration without restarting the daemons.
cardtechcardtech.debareos-15.2.2: Secure erase feature
Cartikawww.cartika.combareos-17.2: Database optimization, LAN address, Percona plugin
dass IT GmbHwww.dass-it.dedass IT GmbH has contributed to Bareos over the years, not just with active development, but also with providing the infrastructure (servers, Bareos Build System).
Friedrich Schiller University Jenawww.uni-jena.debareos-15.2.4: Improving NDMP performance
Globalwayswww.globalways.netbareos-16.2.2: Client-initiated connections
Odisowww.odiso.combareos-14.2.2: MSSQL plugin: More flexible recovery options with the ability to restore the database as single files or to another database server
Native Instrumentswww.native-instruments.comPostgreSQL plugin (Python), MySQL/MariaDB Percona plugin, tape drive reservation/optimization
Thomas Magnete GmbHwww.thomas-magnete.combareos-15.2.3: multiple Windows VSS backups running simultaneously
RobHost GmbHwww.robhost.debareos-16.2.4: Extended ACL filtering
Hosted Powerwww.hosted-power.combareos-23: adapt PostgreSQL plugin for PostgreSQL >= 15
bareos-19.2: multiplied devices
bareos-16.2.4: Extended ACL filtering
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