Installing Bareos

Bareos quickstart - How to install

How to install Bareos: subscribe to the software repositories, install the packages, prepare the database and start the daemons.

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Set up a backup client

This article describes how to install the Bareos client software on a Linux and Windows client and how to include a client into your backup.

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Updating & Upgrading Bareos

Upgrade from Bacula to Bareos

Upgrade is supported from Bacula version 5.2.x. If you are running any older version of Bacula, please update to 5.2 first (see Bacula documentation).

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Bareos and the HeartBleed Bug

The OpenSSL Library has a serious vulnerability called the "Heartbleed" Bug.

Bareos ships the openssl library with the windows installer, so an upgrade of the windows packages is recommended.

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