Bareos 20.0.3, 19.2.11, and 18.2.12: three Maintenance Releases

We’ve released Bareos 20.0.3, 19.2.11, and 18.2.12. All three maintenance releases are available for download in the repositories for subscription customers. As always, the source code is available in our GitHub repository.

The main news is: Bareos 20.0.3 now includes packages for Debian 11 (Bullseye). Apart from that, all maintenance releases are bugfix releases, mainly adressing issues with the WebUI. For example, we’ve fixed an issue with IPv6 connections between Bareos Director and WebUI and a problem with an infinite loop when trying to log into the WebUI with an invalid account. Also, the WebUI is now able to restore to clients which have spaces in the file name and restore file trees with backslashes.

Bareos 20.0.3, 19.2.11, and 18.2.12 released

For more information, have a look at the release notes for 19.2.11 and 18.2.12. Detailed information about Bareos 20.0.3 is available in the Changelog.

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