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Github Issues replaces Mantis

The Bareos project will use GitHub Issues (instead of Mantis).

In 2012, the Bareos project was launched with a commitment to fostering close integration with the community and leveraging advanced automation services. However, a span of 10 years provides ample opportunity for evolution and innovation. Over the course of this decade, we have continuously adapted and modernized our infrastructure.

Among other changes, we have made significant advancements in the following areas:

Since the beginning, we have relied on git and GitHub as our code repository. Initially, we accepted contributions in the form of emails and patches. However, for some time now, we have exclusively transitioned to using Pull Requests, automated tests, and a structured review process.

Package Building:
Originally, our package building process relied heavily on the powerful for Linux packages. However, we had to resort to different approaches for other platforms. Therefore we have transitioned to using Jenkins, Build-Worker, and Docker containers for all platforms. This transition has been seamless for end-users, but it allows us to create packages for all our platforms within the same streamlined process. Additionally, this optimized process tailored for Bareos operates much faster.

Since our inception in 2012, we have utilized Mantis as our bug tracker, and for the most part, we were satisfied with its performance. However, due to a tighter integration with our other processes, we have decided to migrate to Github Issues in April 2024. We anticipate that this transition will result in a better integration of error reporting, development, and pull requests.

In addition to our internal processes, we utilize as a ticketing system for customers with support contracts.

Bareos updates the Release Policy for Community Binaries

Bareos was founded ten years ago to continue the Open Source nature of this enterprise grade project for backup, archiving and recovery. We are strongly committed to continuing our work in the very same spirit, and working jointly with our community. Starting with the new release (Bareos 22), we’re updating our release policy to enhance user experience, and streamline project efforts.

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