Bareos 20.0.2 has been released

We’ve just released a new Bareos version with some bug fixes, changes and new features. It’s the second point release of Bareos 20. Packages for Bareos 20.0.2 are available for download in the subscription repository. As always, all sources are available via our GitHub repository.

Update: Bareos 20.0.2 released

We’ve fixed a bug in the VMware plugin concerning the disk size of VMDK files during the restore process. Before, when the option localvmdk=yes was used, the VMDK turned out to be too small. Bareos 20.0.2 solves this problem and creates VMDK files with the correct size. (more information)

The bareos-storage-droplet backend which can be used to access object storage through libdroplet has seen some work as well. A major improvement is the automatic generation of self-signed certificates for the MinIO S3 backend in order to use HTTPS. Bareos 20.0.2 also fixes a problem with S3 buckets that randomly turned out to be too small by one or two bytes, leading to failed or hanging backup jobs. (more details)

The new Bareos version also fixes a memory leak in Python modules, some German localization errors for the WebUI, the shutdown of the Storage Daemon backends, and a PHP 7.3 issue with the WebUI.

We’ve added a new feature which lets users select the tape drive when truncating a volume, SSL encryption for S3 system tests, and a new feature which makes copy & paste of code snippets in our documentation a lot easier.

For more details and a full list of changes in Bareos 20.0.2, please have a look at the changelog.

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