Bareos and Kubernetes: New Technical Whitepaper

We have published a new technical whitepaper about Bareos and Kubernetes. It shows how to back up stateful Kubernetes (K8s) applications: Data Protection for Kubernetes: Application-aware Backups with Bareos.

When it comes to data protection and backups, containerized apps are not that different from traditional applications running on virtual machines or bare metal: the backup solution should consider both an application’s state and its data.

In our new terchnical whitepaper we’re introducing a backup concept for Kubernetes deployments, creating file-based backups of applications running in multiple containers and pods. It makes use of Bareos’ feature for client-initiated backups. The Bareos File Daemon (FD), i.e. the client, runs as sidecar container alongside a main container, where the actual application is deployed to. The File Daemon is configured for client-initiated connections only, to back up the application’s data.

Cover Page "Data Protection for Kubernetes: Application-aware Backups with Bareos"

Bareos File Daemon in a K8s Pod

Basically, three steps are required to implement the application-aware backup with Bareos:

  • Build a container image which runs the Bareos File Daemon and the MySQL client.
  • Deploy the sidecar image to Kubernetes.
  • Configure the Bareos Director and set up the new client.

Bareos and Kubernetes: GitHub Reopository for test environment

Furthermore, we have published a new repository on GitHub. contains all configuration files and scripts we used in our test environment:

  • Container image for the Bareos File Daemon
  • Kubernetes kustomization files
  • Configuration for the Bareos Director

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know—either as comment under the blog post or on our mailing list for Bareos users.

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