Bareos continues support for Univention Corporate Server

Even though there will be no Bareos update for UCS 5 in the Univention App Center, you can still install our backup solution on this distribution. We will also be happy to create an individual support offer for anyone who wants to switch.

Due to the technical reconstruction of the Univention App Center and the enterprise distribution Univention Corporate Server, there will be no Bareos app for UCS 5. The app is still available for UCS 4.4. Bareos continues to offer direct support and subscription for UCS4.4 and UCS5.

There are no plans to port our app from UCS 4 to UCS 5. However, this does not mean that Bareos is no longer compatible with UCS 5. Bareos continues to support UCS with the same functionality as other Linux distributions, offering support and subscription. During the build process, we automatically test our Bareos packages for Debian 10 on a UCS 5.0 system. The release only takes place after all tests have been passed. Installation and update packages can be found on our download server. Notes on installation and the Bareos update are provided in our manual.

For Univention customers we offer an individual changeover offer; please contact

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