Bareos 19.2.7, 18.2.8, 17.2.9 und 16.2.10: new Versions released

The Bareos team has released new versions of the Open Source backup solution: Bareos 19.2.7, 18.2.8, 17.2.9, and 16.2.10 are available for download on our servers.

We have just released 4 new Bareos versions, including the last release of the 16 series. Apart from some bugfixes, our developers have also added new features and quite a few improvements. For a complete list, please read the release notes linked in our manual. This article summarizes the most important new features of Bareos 19.2.7, 18.2.8, 17.2.9, and 16.2.10.


The tool bareos-dbcopy, first released in Bareos 19.2.4, has been improved. Apart from that, we recently published a new  HOWTO, describing how to migrate the Bareos catalog from MySQL/MariaDB to PostgreSQL.

We have also fixed a problem with the GlusterFS backend of the Storage Daemon under CentOS 7 and RHEL 7. After implementing a new build process, a system call to the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) library failed when the GlusterFS API tried to connect to Gluster to download the volume file. Bareos is built with libtirpc-devel, while the GlusterFS API uses glibc’s RPC library. We have therefore adapted our build process, and the bug is fixed in all Bareos packages released after March 24, 2020.

The bareos-storage-droplet backend can be used to access an object store supported by libdroplet, most notably S3. The Storage Daemon of version 19.2.7 only allows one concurrent job per S3 object (Maximum Concurrent Jobs = 1). In previous Bareos versions, multiple simultaneously running jobs could’ve resulted in data loss.

Some minor corrections fix a problem with the new scheduler introduced with Bareos 19. The developers have also solved a problem in the communication between older File Daemons (version <= 17.x) and the current version 19.2.7.


This Bareos version also fixes the described problems with the droplet backend and GlusterFS. Besides, bconsole no longer crashes when the TLS connection between Director and File Daemon can’t be established. In addition to that, version 18.2.8 corrects a bug where the permissions of the immediate parent directory where wrong when restoring files without directories.


The new version of the 17 series solves the problems with the missing directory permissions and GlusterFS.


According to our statement “we support the current version and two versions before that”, Bareos 16 has reached its end of life. 16.2.10 is the last release in this series and repairs the missing directory permissions during the restore process.

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