Developers: Bareos Security Policy and new Plugins

What’s going on in the Bareos universe? Above all, we have a new Security Policy. In addition, we’ve released some new plugins for the Bareos File Daemon, we’ve improved the Storage Daemon and the WebUI.

Bareos Security Policy

In addition to the master branch of our software, our development team maintains the three latest major releases (currently 19.2, 18.2, and 17.2). If there is a maintenance release, we usually ship binary packages for the major branches to our subscription customers. However, if such a release fixes a critical issue, we may consider releasing binary packages to the general public.

As always: Bareos is Open Source software, so all sources are available to anyone who wants to build their own packages. If you find a security-related problem in Bareos, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and drop us an email: We’ll try to reply within two days.

File Daemon Plugins

We’ve been working on various plugins for the Bareos File Daemon that runs on the client machines:

  • Back up and restore remote PostgreSQL databases.
  • The Apache libcloud plugin which can be used to backup objects from backends that support the S3 protcol is still experimental, but we’re working on it. Also, we’re looking for funders – please get in touch.
  • The experimental split-jobs plugin automatically splits a large fileset into n parts. Each of these n parts can be backed up by an incremental job, and the incremental jobs can run in parallel.

Storage Daemon: Droplet Backend

The bareos-storage-droplet backend can be used to access object storage through libdroplet. The Bareos package bareos-storage-droplet has become obsolete, since the droplet backend is now part of Bareos. Also, it now supports RHEL 8.

Bareos WebUI Improvements

Our graphical web interface has some new features as well:

  • File permissions are now displayed in the restore file tree.
  • Restore Dialog: Restore location and file replacement are now pre-filled with the directive values from the selected restore job resource.
  • We now offer search filters for each table column.
  • We’ve also implemented a range slider to adjust the amount of data to be displayed on the job table.
  • We’ve updated the localization of the web interface.

Packages on

python-bareos and bareos-fuse are now availble via the Python Package Index (PyPI). As a result, users can easily install them with the pip install command. python-bareos is a Python module to interact with Bareos. It communicates directly with the Director and allows access to the console commands. bareos-fuse can be used to access Bareos information and backups as a virtual filesystem on Linux systems.

Configuration Warnings

More detailed information is now available for various commands. We’ve implemented a new bconsole command called status configuration which shows deprecated and problematic configurations of the Bareos Director. All daemons will now display a notification concerning warnings when invoked with -t. The status commands (status dirstatus client, and status storage) have been extended. They will now notify users and give out warnings if the repective daemon’s configuration contains an error.

End of Life for MySQL Support

Starting with Bareos 21, we will no longer support MySQL as catalog database. This is why we published a tool called bareos-dbcopy some time ago. Please make sure to migrate to PostgreSQL in time.

Solaris Support

We have revived the support for Solaris. Bareos now compiles on Solaris 11.4 SPARC and x64. Packages are available in the subscription repositories.

Give it a Try!

Packages with all new features and fixed bugs are available in our nightly repositories. The source code is available on GitHub. If you have any questions, please check out our mailinglist or get in touch for official Bareos support. We’re always looking forward to your feedback!

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