Bareos 20.0.1 released and available for download

The first bugfix release of Bareos 20 is here: Bareos 20.0.1 was released today. Packages are available for download in the subscription repository.

Update: Bareos 20.0.1 released
  • fix parallel jobs which use python plugins
  • solves issues in python-bareos for Python < 2.7.13
  • fix crashes when loading both python-fd and python3-fd plugins
  • fix oVirt plugin problem with configuration file
  • fix issue for storage daemon which loses a configured device instance

Features added:

  • py2lug-fd-ovirt systemtest: use the ovirt-plugin.ini configuration file
  • package bareos-filedaemon-postgresql-python-plugin is now available for Debian, Ubuntu and UCS
  • detailed information in debugging messages when a dynamic backend cannot be loaded

For more details, please refer to the changelog. All users currently running Bareos 20.0.0 should upgrade to Bareos 20.0.1 as soon as possible.

Looking for professional support? Get in touch with our sales team or talk to other users on the mailinglist.

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