Bareos 20 is here: It’s Release Time

We’ve just released a new version: Bareos 20 includes, among other things, a new plugin to back up cloud storage objects directly via the S3 interface, a modernized Python API and a preview of the new REST API.

Bareos 20 introduces new and improved plugins, for instance, the libcloud plugin, which uses the Apache Libcloud library to back up cloud storage objects directly via the S3 interface (Simple Storage Service). We’ve also upgraded the VDDK (Virtual Disk Development Kit) for our VMware plugin, and modernized the Python API as well as all Bareos Python plugins.

In addition, Bareos 20 includes a technical preview of the new REST API, which will allow access to Bareos via an HTTP interface in future. Currently listed as experimental, the REST API already supports some important commands: at the moment, users can configure parts of Bareos as well as start, stop and monitor backup jobs.

Over 1,500 commits from a total of 22 contributors have gone into Bareos 20. In conclusion, we offer packages for 22 platforms on our download servers: CentOS 7/8, Debian 9/10, Fedora 31/32/33, openSUSE 15.2, RHEL 7/8, SLES 12/15, Univention 4.4, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04, FreeBSD 11.4/12.2, macOS ≥10.13, Solaris (x86, SPARC) 11.4, Windows 10, and Windows Server ≥2012.

For a complete list of changes and new features, please have a look at our press release.

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