Bareos updates the Release Policy for Community Binaries

Bareos was founded ten years ago to continue the Open Source nature of this enterprise grade project for backup, archiving and recovery. We are strongly committed to continuing our work in the very same spirit, and working jointly with our community. Starting with the new release (Bareos 22), we’re updating our release policy to enhance user experience, and streamline project efforts.

With the new release policy we intend to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide our users with a clean and lean download server.
  • Receive community feedback on current software features more quickly.
  • Focus bug tracking efforts and concentrate on the current version, instead of maintaining older or even discontinued versions.

Our previous Bareos release policy (2012-2022) for community binaries was to publish only the first major release to ​ and provide source code updates on ​

Here’s our current plan for how we will proceed:

  • Designed for testing and home environments, starting around the release of Bareos 22, we will move to a rolling release scheme. We offer binaries of the current build of the Bareos stable branch to the community at ​ with advantages of:
    • latest features
    • latest bug fixes
    • latest supported platforms
  • However:
    • not for production
    • not supported
    • includes major version updates
  • Please update your servers to use the new ​ repository.
  • We’ll continue our latest-and-greatest branch for lab environments and testing at ​
  • Outdated and discontinued versions of Bareos will be removed from the download server.

For production environments/enterprise use we recommend subscription releases and support. Bareos Subscription customers can continue to use ​ without changes.

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