Bareos Workshop at opsiconf in March

The opsi – Client Management – Conference opsiconf is taking place in Mainz, March 2-3, 2020. On the first day, Jörg Steffens is offering a 2 hour workshop called “Backup-Strategien mit opsi und Bareos” (“Backup strategies with opsi and Bareos”).

While the actual conference is happening on March, 3, the organizers are offering several workshops on the day before. From 3 to 5pm, Jörg Steffens (Bareos developer and one of the managing partners of Bareos GmbH & Co. KG) is giving an overview of Bareos (in German language). In the end, participants should have a working backup system including web frontend and 1 or 2 connected clients in a virtual Linux environment. If you’re interested, please register via the opsiconf website.

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