Two Online Workshops: Bareos Administration

In June 2020 we’re offering two online workshops on Bareos. Level 1 takes place from June, 22 to 26, Level 2 from June, 24 to 26. Both courses are half-day workshops.

In two courses, our training partner Dr. Stephan Rein shares his knowledge about the administration of the Open Source backup solution. Originally planned as on-site workshops, the courses now happen online. Due to the new format, they are half-day courses. Both workshops are in German.

Bareos, Level 1:

  • Introduction to Bareos
  • Differences between Bacula and Bareos
  • Installation and Update
  • Basic Configuration
  • Backup and Restore
  • Backup Strategies
  • Volume Management I: (Backup2Disk)
  • Volume LifeCycle Management
  • Bareos Tools/Utilities
  • Disaster Recovery (NEW: Disaster Recovery with Bareos and ReaR)
  • Troubleshooting

Bareos, Level 2:

  • Volume Management II: (Backup2Disk2Tape)
    • Backup on Tape
    • Autoloader/Tape Library
    • Migration and Replication (Copy Jobs)
  • Bareos scaled/parallelized: Concurrent Jobs
  • Synthetic/virtual Full Backup
  • Encrypting your Data

There will be plenty of exercises that the participants perform on their own computers (prerequisite: Windows, macOS or Linux). Exercises take place in specially provided virtual Linux servers running in VirtualBox. The participants work with PuTTY (Windows) or SSH (Linux, macOS). Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with the Linux console and a text editor (e.g. Nano, Joe, Emacs, Vi(m) etc.).

Level 1 costs 1188 Euro (including VAT), Level 2 is 712 Euro. If you’d like to combine the courses, they cost 1664 Euro in total. Please register via the backup & recovery website and drop us an email.

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