New Prices for Bareos Subscription and Support

A new Bareos price list for subscription, support, consulting and training is available now. All older price lists are therefore no longer valid.

We haven’t changed our prices since 2013 and the planned increase of 5 % has been postponed by one year due to the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, we have changed some fundamental things – we have revised our offer and made it more transparent. The most important changes are:

  • Every Bareos Subscription includes one support ticket.
  • We no longer offer separate prices for database or cloud storage backups; instead we divide them into backup units.
  • A setup review is also possible for smaller environments
    (< 100 backup units).

A detailed explanation of the backup unit concept, a complete list of all prices and the included services can be found in the price list, which we provide as PDF.

Offers already made by Bareos or our partners remain valid for 1 month. For existing customers, where significant price increases occur due to the new price list, we offer transitional solutions depending on the constellation. Please feel free to contact us.

Something hasn’t changed, though: Bareos comes without any license fees – our software is Open Source and will stay that way!

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