Digital Repository of Ireland

The Digital Repository of Ireland is using Bareos for tape storage and backup. The DRI is a national digital repository for Ireland’s humanities, social sciences, and cultural heritage data. They preserve, curate, and provide access to historical and contemporary content across multiple institutions, domains, and formats. A report from 2015 describes how they use Bareos to back up their collections:

As a function of preservation, the archival object workflow is the most important aspect of the Repository’s storage solution. Data is first saved to disk in site one (TCD), it is then replicated to site two (MU) before being backed up offsite, first to disk and then to tape. […] Regularly, using Bareos, this is backed up to cold storage located in a third geographically separate data centre; first to disk and then to tape.

They also rely on Bareos to check the integrity of stored archival objects:

Bareos also keeps checksums and upon backing up of digital objects, will run checks to see if any errors have occurred, either on disk or on tapes.

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