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Bareos VMware Backup Plugin published

The Bareos project has published a first version of the new Bareos VMware Backup plugin for testing in the experimental tree.

Update: since Bareos 15.2 the Bareos VMware Backup plugin is included in the main Bareos repository.

The plugin currently supports the online backup of a virtual machines snapshot either as full, differential or incremental backup. The snapshots are taken by the plugin and removed after the backup has completed.

The snapshot can be restored to the same virtual machine.

There are ready to use repositories for Debian 8, RHEL / CentOS 7, SLE 11_SP3 and 12. The plugin requires Bareos version 15.2, which is also available in the experimental tree.

The plugin uses the VMware 5.x vSphere® Storage APIs for Data Protection, which requires at least a VMware vSphere® Essentials License. It does not work with standalone unlicensed VMware® ESXiTM

The Bareos VMware Backup Plugin is open source and published on GitHub.

Please refer to our FAQ section and Documentation for more information. If you want to get support or consulting for your pilot project, please contact your Bareos Partner or Bareos Sales.

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